Maine Operation Lifesaver is a non-profit 501(c)3 public education and information program dedicated to reducing collisions, injuries, and fatalities at railroad crossings along Maine's nearly 1,200 miles of active rail lines.  Maine Operation Lifesaver also works to make the public aware of the dangers of trespassing on private railroad property.

Members of the state committee include mostly current and retired officials representing Maine's railroads, private industry, Maine Department of Transportation, and the Federal Railroad Administration.  These volunteers meet monthly to coordinate and carry out related presentations and projects statewide.  Activities are funded primarily by the state's rail carriers.

Nationwide, Operation Lifesaver programs exist in 50 states and have contributed significantly to the more than 50 percent reduction in crashes and fatalities at railroad crossings.  In Maine, statistics reveal a sharp decrease in such crashes from 23 collisions killing three and injuring nine others in 1990 to nine incidents in 2006 resulting in several injuries and one fatality.  However, in Maine and elsewhere, trespassing incidents are on the rise and are a new focus of Operation Lifesaver efforts. Around the country, there were nearly 2,900 crashes in 2006, killing 368 and injuring 999 others. 530 people were killed last year in related trespassing incidents caused by such things as walking and motoring along tracks and railroad bridges, throwing objects at trains and placing objects on the tracks, and hitching joyrides on trains.

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